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Hey this really looks pretty good! Finally maybe possibly getting the human vs. vamp wars we were promised last year. Though I could really do without the glowy Sookie light that makes an appearance.

(as always, lap dance to Steve for the tip)


even more videos!

On behalf of your friendly neighborhood TB recapper, here’s a 5 minute video that recaps the first 3 seasons. Good way to get ready for Sunday. And good thing I watched this too; I had forgotten how much I hate Sookie.


S4 trailer, w00t!!!!

I see at a lot of sexiness, that’s something. What I don’t see is much plot revealed. Let’s analyze these 30 seconds to death until June 26th.

EDIT: hmmm, video issues. stand by. EDIT the EDIT: found it on YouTube, seems to work. EDIT the EDIT the EDIT: Hi everyone, welcome back!

nothing to do; except bad things

Ok, so we are sans True Blood tonight. What are we going to do!? I don’t really know. Watch this and laugh hard. I kinda liked this one too. If you’re jonesing for Sookie/Eric goodness, there’s this. Dude, I’m a SUCKER for fanvids. Like, I recall one afternoon I was PMSing I spent like an hour watching Jim/Pam vids while I ate chips and got weepy.

After the jump, spoilery goodness.

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Mega post of updates

Ok its True Blood Sunday. I also thought I’d give you a run down of the goodies from the cast at Comic Con. I know, I wish I was there too. Let’s begin.

  • Joe Manganiello was upgraded to series regular for season 4. [source]
  • So expect more of this hottness. [image from]

  • Here’s a bit of a spoilerish interview with James Frain who plays Franklin Mott. [source]
  • An awesome interview with Kristen Bauer and Joe Manganiello from Comic Con. They talk about what you can expect the show to dip into season 4. Also, Joe is such a fangirl. Its kinda adorable. [source at g4 because I can’t embed here]
  • Ok, the trailer for the second half of the season. I had to watch it three times to process it all. Lots of wuffs and guns. Oh my…[source]

Tons of awesome and cute pictures under the cut.

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i wanna do bad things with you

Some day I will write up that analysis of the opening credits for you I promised, but for now, enjoy this on a hot day (for the East Coasters). I remember when I first saw this video all I could think to myself was “hey, this guy is white. And not Chris Isaak.”


Oh Sookie

Snoop Dogg apparently loves True Blood. Watch his vid for the song called Oh Sookie. He out fanboy’d us all. I think the “dancers” are a nice touch. As well as his license plate.

You can watch the full screen super high res version here.