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Pack of Wolves.

Season two of True Blood explored the theme of religion and what it can do. For Jason it meant a way to pick up the pieces after his grandmother and girlfriend were brutally murdered. Jason ended up tangled in the Fellowship of the Sun and their anti-vamp agenda. Mary Ann, with her own brand of worship, whipped into town and freed the freaks of Bon Temps, yet held them under her control. Sookie observed Godric a vampire older than “your Jesus” chose to end his miserable life experience. Godric served as an angel of sorts rescuing her from the basement of the church in Dallas. We also saw Eric reflected in Godric as his creator and mentor. Sookie took solace in Bill throughout all the chaos.

The season led to a frenetic finale with everything anyone knew being smashed to bits and people grasping to get back to the start.

The third season opening starting with what everyone is looking for now.

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