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Might as well;

I suppose this could be under the spoiler category as it’s casting news.

Want to know who is rolling into Bon Temps this season? That’s right, it wouldn’t be True Blood if more people weren’t added at the last minute.

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In the words of River Song, SPOILERS.

Best gif ever:


Hiding under a cut. But yeahhhh.

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Vampire Puppy.

This is a bit spoilery I suppose. But this is so much cute. I can’t even.

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Don’t Cry For Me, Bon Temps.

I was super busy this past week but don’t think I forgot about this episode.  My best friend visited and I made her watch True Blood which she’s never seen. So she had a lot of questions going into this epi. And I don’t blame her.

So Sookie returns to Bon Temps. I was glad she was gone long enough for her eyebrows to grow back. I’m half tempted to document season three and her disappearing eyebrows. Gurrrrrrl.

Our little telepath took a jaunt in fairy land and I’m seriously glad they decided to take the express lane because for as tacky and ridiculous as True Blood is, that was almost too much for me.  Granted the fairies are a bit cheesy in the books, but Sookie knows it and jokes about it all. But light fruit? Seriously?

When she returns she is pissed her house has been fixed up and tastefully remodeled and decorated. But no, Sookie throws a fit. Bitch, do you NOT remember that maenad shit that happened in your house you didn’t clean up after before running off to find a kidnapped Beel? I’d sure like professional cleaners in my home if friggen Dionysian orgies and food parties were going down. But noooooo. Wah wah wah.

Sookie was SHOCKED people carried on without her and decided to live their own lives. Quelle surprise, Sook, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Tara got out of Bon Temps, thank god. Sam, I don’t like what happened to his character, but he told her she’s starting at the bottom again. Which makes sense given all the favors she asked of him and stepped on him, knowing he was sweet on her and would give her anything. Jason sold the house to some AIK company. Which made me wonder if the paper said Eric, but Jason can’t read. Bill moved on and got a new girlfriend who is WAY prettier than Sookie.

What about my favorite vampire? He bought Sookie’s house. I have to say I wasn’t entirely pleased with how sleazy Eric was written in this episode. The whole “I own what I want” thing was a bit creepy and rapey. But it was a lovely vision when Eric flexed his bicep to show off the key to the house that was his. And homeboy was looking good. Wooing the media and being a magnificent, charming bastard. I mean the neckline on that tank top? Obviously, he is trying to kill me.

At best, Sookie is a self-centered 15 year old. Which is difficult to deal with. And soon she’ll be getting a puppy. Well, a puppy in the sense it will be an adorable 1,000 year old Viking vampire who has no idea who he is and what is going on.


Less than a week!!!!!!!

Looking hot!

As I watched the finale of Game of Thrones last night (SPOILER – fuck yeah, dragons!) my friend The RacK said that TB was starting soon. I said “how soon?” and she said “next Sunday”. I said “you’re lying”. She said “I am not, look, there’s an ad for it on HBO”. I said “It’s only supposed to start in the summer”. Then she says “summer starts tomorrow”.

Point #1 – I need to do less drugs, I don’t know the seasons anymore.



S4 trailer, w00t!!!!

I see at a lot of sexiness, that’s something. What I don’t see is much plot revealed. Let’s analyze these 30 seconds to death until June 26th.

EDIT: hmmm, video issues. stand by. EDIT the EDIT: found it on YouTube, seems to work. EDIT the EDIT the EDIT: Hi everyone, welcome back!