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Mega post of updates

Ok its True Blood Sunday. I also thought I’d give you a run down of the goodies from the cast at Comic Con. I know, I wish I was there too. Let’s begin.

  • Joe Manganiello was upgraded to series regular for season 4. [source]
  • So expect more of this hottness. [image from]

  • Here’s a bit of a spoilerish interview with James Frain who plays Franklin Mott. [source]
  • An awesome interview with Kristen Bauer and Joe Manganiello from Comic Con. They talk about what you can expect the show to dip into season 4. Also, Joe is such a fangirl. Its kinda adorable. [source at g4 because I can’t embed here]
  • Ok, the trailer for the second half of the season. I had to watch it three times to process it all. Lots of wuffs and guns. Oh my…[source]

Tons of awesome and cute pictures under the cut.

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