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Bite me.

I’m terribly behind. Normally I’d have something up about the last episode on Tuesday. But I didn’t. Which was ok, because HF29 had exciting news, such as media whoring and being on the radio to talk True Blood. I haven’t even made gifs yet! What am I to make gifs of? Anyways, IT’S ALEXANDER SKARSGARD’S BIRTHDAY. LET’S SPAM.

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Mega post of updates

Ok its True Blood Sunday. I also thought I’d give you a run down of the goodies from the cast at Comic Con. I know, I wish I was there too. Let’s begin.

  • Joe Manganiello was upgraded to series regular for season 4. [source]
  • So expect more of this hottness. [image from]

  • Here’s a bit of a spoilerish interview with James Frain who plays Franklin Mott. [source]
  • An awesome interview with Kristen Bauer and Joe Manganiello from Comic Con. They talk about what you can expect the show to dip into season 4. Also, Joe is such a fangirl. Its kinda adorable. [source at g4 because I can’t embed here]
  • Ok, the trailer for the second half of the season. I had to watch it three times to process it all. Lots of wuffs and guns. Oh my…[source]

Tons of awesome and cute pictures under the cut.

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baby vamp

She’s just new to this whole undead business. What I wonder is it nature or nurture that makes the vampire. She’s on her own, struggling to find how to be her new self without much help. Even then, her sire is Bill, who seems to not like his own kind. Will Jessica become hardened and cruel over time? Or will she still be her sweet human self, just modified eating and sleeping habits? Would Jessica be different if Pam or Eric were guiding her along?

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bitch, plz.

Click to enlarge.

Talbot (does he have a last name?) in all his bitchface glory.

“It’s like Armageddon every time someone chips a desert glass in this house….”


Wolf like me

I tend to look at True Blood in contrast to the books. Alan Ball has remained tremendously faithful to the novels while still improving and expanding that universe.

I can’t say I’m too happy with the introduction of Alcide Herveaux to the mix. Man his story has been so rushed, he wasn’t given a lot to do in his first appearance but was charming. Also, Sookie seems to get dumber with every episode. The bit in Lou Pine’s I wanted to smash my television when she pulled that “buy me a cosmo” bullshit.

Some smokin’ screencaps after the jump.

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Pictures of Mr Northman

Why Eric is Awesome. A picture post.

He’s got big….fangs.

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bored now

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