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Ribcage couture.

Uhm, this is what happens when left to my own devices with vodka, photoshop and True Blood. I like to think if Lorena were to wear Sookie’s ribcage, she would class it up a bit with a diamond brooch and white peacock feathers. I think it has an Alexander McQueen style about it. Feel free to make this pic into an icon. I posted it over on a few True Blood communities and its been well loved. I think I will use this as my facebook picture.

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s3ep6 recap – sookie is too stupid for words


Well this was an interesting episode. It’s like they’ve listened to my complaints (well, except for stupid Sookie). The story lines and characters I hate were not as bad as usual! Shit happened! Are you sufficiently teased? Find out what the shit was that happened in all the spoiler-y goodness after the jump.

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