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I’m often amazed I put so much work and effort into a show when I hate the main character to much. Sookie just seems to outdo herself in reaching new levels of annoying.

Pam quests she watch Eric and she throws a hissyfit and demands payment for me. Now, allow me to defect to the books for the moment. Book!Sook never asked for money to watch over Eric. Jason negotiates payment with Pam and Chow for her services. Throughout the series there are many instances of Eric doing nice things for her but she never asked or demanded because she hates money. She works hard to be independent and doesn’t expect a man to just throw wads of cash at her.

So Pam makes a reasonable request and Sookie is a bitch and asks for ten grand. She then goes to Alcide to dump Eric on him (and later tells basically everyone Eric is missing). So would Alcide have seen some of that money had he looked over Eric, Sookie? And then Debbie. Sookie put on her side pony and bounced over to his place and is mad he’s with Debbie who is now clean and a homemaker it appears. She runs out of his house and is cold about how he should have told her.

Bitch, let’s rewind. Remember when Bill kept being a jerk to you and telling you he was with Lorena and dumped you on the phone and Alcide STILL helped you rescue your vamp? Then after, you continued to be an idiot when he made clear his interest in you and you shot him down a few times. Sookie, you don’t have the right to be mad he’s living his life without you when you decided to pass over him. He didn’t have to tell you about Debbie as you two aren’t involved.

Sookie has got to be one of the most unlikable main characters ever.


s4ep3 recap – blah blah blah in Bon Temps

blah blah blah

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