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s7ep5 recap – an emotional party


Buenos dias TB’ers! I’m feeling sad and drinking tequila and dishing out spoilers after the jump…

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s7ep4 recap – so much hair


Bonjour TB’ers! Are there spoilers and even more hair after the jump? You know it…

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s7ep3 recap – !?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!11##!!!!11!!


Moshi moshi TB’ers! Do we have spoilers for you after the jump? Oh do we ever…

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Guys and Guns!

Ok so my life has been hectic and thrown my television watching into limbo. Which really, makes for a super not happy me. I like sitting down and watching my stories.

So where are we at with True Blood? Honestly I don’t recall what the hell happened last season. But I assume I was angry. Literally the only moment I remember is Eric on the mountain and the very nearly seeing his Viking Broadsword ™. In a sense though, my lack of recall last season has meant stepping into our final chapter with a fresh outlook.

I’m going to enjoy this final season. I will find things to like about it. Because when I think about it all, it might have drove me insane and made me scream WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK – it was still something. I love talking about it with people and I love the collective of us picking it all apart. For better or for worse, this show gave me an hour to set my life aside and focus on something else which is something I really value.

Some thoughts I’ve had over the first two episodes…

Obviously the Jason and Eric scene was Christmas wrapped in birthdays. I wanted to high five anyone in a 5 mile radius. I made my roommate watch that scene. And she doesn’t even True Blood. I sent that to friends of mine. HEY WATCH THESE TWO STRAPPING FELLAS GET AT IT. So thanks. If nothing else happens this season, I can marinate in those lovely few minutes. And continue to laugh because Alexander Skarsgard can have chemistry with anyone and had a better scene with Ryan Kwanten than his few with Anna Paquin. Anyways, here’s what my face looked like for that sequence.

The show has also taken a strange turn that could work if handled better. Essentially, we’ve got some weird mashup of The Walking Dead and Buffy the Vampire Slayer happening. Which could work if executed properly. If you’re doubting me, just remember how bonkers the first three seasons were and how we went along with it. But yeah, instead we almost have this campy vibe. When Jason was walking around the abandoned town I half expected a door to read DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE and then see Buffy Summers stroll around the corner and coo “If the apocalypse comes, beep me.”

I can say as an American, with what an issue guns are and how common place shootings have become, seeing the townfolk storm the Bon Temps police station really unsettled me. Because at this point, I don’t think we’re far off from that happening. Plus, we have too goddamn many guns. If anything, the show gets the unfortunate gun culture we have and how our media (of the new kind and cinematic variety) fixates on the last stand plot.

I don’t know who has a bigger white girl savior complex: Sookie Stackhouse or Dany Targaryen.

Sorry for the awful title and all the caps locking.


xoxo, Heather.


s7ep2 night before the morning after recap

Pam you always rock the leather jacket

Aloha TB’ers! In my zeal to get this over with blog this season furiously, this year whenever possible I will post at night, right after the ep airs. Such is my dedication! I swear I could have posted this even faster, but The Leftovers came on and I got distracted. We should all watch that show, it’s good. Was TB good tonight!? (spoiler: probably not) Spoilers after the jump…

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The beginning of the end – S7ep1 Live Recap


WOOOOOHOOOOOOO TB’ers. This is it. FINALLY. The beginning of the end of the road. I’m not sure how that sounds – I am not necessarily happy that TB is coming to an end, but… wait. Scratch that. I am totally happy that TB is coming to an end. This show should have ended three seasons ago. Finally we can get this over with. BUT, Wrap and I have committed to see this thing through to the end. Well, I have. I assume Wrap wants in, we haven’t really spoken. I’ll Tweet her when this Live Recap goes live (huh?) and no doubt she’ll be all over this baby. Oh and what’s up with the Live Recap? An explanation and SPOILERS AHOY after the jump…

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True Blood: Thunderdome! for the last season

Now the good folks of this town are turning on each other


I admit, this doesn’t look too bad! But I say that every year for the teaser promo. Last time, I promise.