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Sunday Bloody Sunday

Out of habit I went to turn on True Blood but then I remembered it is done.

I think I can be ok with how the series ended. I feel like the writers realized last season was such a mess, they tried their best to resuscitate the parts that made us fall in love with it. When the show began it was charmingly weird and quickly became an exercise in “am I really watching this?”

Considering the source material, I’m impressed they got a show off the ground and it lasted as long as it did. For a while it was borrowing heavily and then completely tossing the books out the window. For better or worse, I rolled with it. I think I kept coming back for everyone else. I wasn’t there for Sookie and Bill. But I was there for Tara, Lafayette, Sam, Jessica, Hoyt, Pam, Eric even Andy. I was impressed with actors because a lot of time we were wondering “what is the plot

I’m glad for all the hours True Blood gave me to detach from my life and problems for a bit.

Bill’s farewell tour was dragged out far too long and I think we ended up shortchanging the closure for the other characters. I’m still torn closing out on a wedding but I think the writers realized what a terrible idea it was to get rid of Hoyt and the show needed him and his heart. Maybe at the end of the day, the show was about your great loves. Sookie was always going to choose Bill because she wanted to believe in the one and only great love. Eric and Pam have a deeply romantic friendship and closed out the series in a way only they could. You felt hopeful for their future. Sookie Stackhouse was just a blip in all their fantastic adventures.

True Blood pulled out the stops and sent us off with Thank You by Led Zeppelin which was perhaps the most fitting choice. We forgot about all the choas and the break down of civilization bits and remembered when the show was about just the different people interacting over the years. It was a cliche ending and they did their best to wrap it all up. Even if it felt like they didn’t have enough ribbon and wrapping paper to get the job done. And that’s what the show was, blood and guts there was heart.

Thanks for joining us on this long strange journey. You can always find me on twitter @wraparoundcurl. I have a lot of feelings about Sleepy Hollow and Broad City.



Well, I’m horrifically behind in covering what I had planned on for the recapsssss I owe. But hey, I’m half drunk right now and figured now is a good time to stop and collect my thoughts as we near the end on this show that has united us.

Y’know, I’ve frequently threatened since about season four screamed and wailed that I was done with this show and listed of reasons. I’ve cited acting and plot issues and all around inconsistencies but I could never quit.

My fault is my loyalty.

At the end of the day, I have immensely cherish what this show has given me on a weekly basis – a chance for me to check on from whatever shitshow of a circus is going on in my life, to become overly involved and invested in the residents of Bon Temps. On top of that, I just love all the people I have talked with over the years about the show. HF29, you’re a gem and should be put on a platinum band. 

But I have felt like the writers are trying to chip away and salvage the gems that made us fall in love with and stick with this slog of a series. Mainly, it has been the supporting cast that we have clung to. 

I’ve always adored the dynamic that Pam and Eric have and I think it is fantastic they have such a deep friendship that has endured all. I just have always hung on because of the depths of their journey in their relationship the show has only scratched the surface on. Even in the video shop where Pam was miserable with her life, she still had Eric. And I think it says a lot about Eric and the kinds of women he likes to not only keep in his life but help to succeed. He saw something in Ginger aside from her fangirl side. He knew Pam had more to her. I’ve just loved how he doesn’t just take women on his journey – he wants them to best him.

I really do hope Lafayette gets the happiness he deserves as he’s sacrificed so much of himself and put others before his own needs. It was immensely hurtful to me that Jessica’s boyfriend was written off as confused instead of bisexual. I always hoped this show wouldn’t resort to erasure of identity of people like me. But I dunno, we have a few episodes left for redemption on that. Either way, I want Laf’ to ride off into the moonlight with his hottie boytoy, hopefully in the sports car that Eric gifted him for one dollar a few seasons ago. 

I’m sure when this is all over I will have nostalgia that I no longer have True Blood to groan about. But hey, it’s been real. Thanks to those who have read my rambles about this silly show with vampires and a telepath.

Note to self: leave post as is, regardless of sobriety state in 12 hours.


Guys and Guns!

Ok so my life has been hectic and thrown my television watching into limbo. Which really, makes for a super not happy me. I like sitting down and watching my stories.

So where are we at with True Blood? Honestly I don’t recall what the hell happened last season. But I assume I was angry. Literally the only moment I remember is Eric on the mountain and the very nearly seeing his Viking Broadsword ™. In a sense though, my lack of recall last season has meant stepping into our final chapter with a fresh outlook.

I’m going to enjoy this final season. I will find things to like about it. Because when I think about it all, it might have drove me insane and made me scream WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK – it was still something. I love talking about it with people and I love the collective of us picking it all apart. For better or for worse, this show gave me an hour to set my life aside and focus on something else which is something I really value.

Some thoughts I’ve had over the first two episodes…

Obviously the Jason and Eric scene was Christmas wrapped in birthdays. I wanted to high five anyone in a 5 mile radius. I made my roommate watch that scene. And she doesn’t even True Blood. I sent that to friends of mine. HEY WATCH THESE TWO STRAPPING FELLAS GET AT IT. So thanks. If nothing else happens this season, I can marinate in those lovely few minutes. And continue to laugh because Alexander Skarsgard can have chemistry with anyone and had a better scene with Ryan Kwanten than his few with Anna Paquin. Anyways, here’s what my face looked like for that sequence.

The show has also taken a strange turn that could work if handled better. Essentially, we’ve got some weird mashup of The Walking Dead and Buffy the Vampire Slayer happening. Which could work if executed properly. If you’re doubting me, just remember how bonkers the first three seasons were and how we went along with it. But yeah, instead we almost have this campy vibe. When Jason was walking around the abandoned town I half expected a door to read DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE and then see Buffy Summers stroll around the corner and coo “If the apocalypse comes, beep me.”

I can say as an American, with what an issue guns are and how common place shootings have become, seeing the townfolk storm the Bon Temps police station really unsettled me. Because at this point, I don’t think we’re far off from that happening. Plus, we have too goddamn many guns. If anything, the show gets the unfortunate gun culture we have and how our media (of the new kind and cinematic variety) fixates on the last stand plot.

I don’t know who has a bigger white girl savior complex: Sookie Stackhouse or Dany Targaryen.

Sorry for the awful title and all the caps locking.


xoxo, Heather.


“Thank you, Jesus!!!!”

I’m not sure what the vampire equivalent is of jumping the shark is but I think we’ve hit that point. But what an enjoyable disaster tonight’s epi was!!! Oh and the handsome and wonderful HF29 is at the cottage again getting drunk. I’m convinced that’s all you Canadians do. Which sounds like an okay summer to me.

My shite recap after the jump!


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Sparkle Vamp, Baby

I am proudly disappointed in Sookie banging Ben!low since its essentially a repeat of why she hated Bill. She was furious because she felt so used by him, and rightly so. It seemed like a step in the right direction when the writers had Sookie declare she was done with the supernatural shit but then keep thrusting bare chested men at her. It’d have been far more compelling if she was granted the space to get herself back together because once again, remember the frenetic pacing of the show and how compacted things are, to act on what she’s learned from.  Like, things are recent enough for her to go “oh yeah I said that two weeks ago.” 

But that said. I call her getting knocked up. And I totally hope it’s a Twilight baby and Eric has to chew through her stomach to get it out.

Typically around episode two or three HBO immediately announces that True Blood will be returning for another season. Now, either I missed the memo this time or it was assumed to return and wasn’t really announced. In fact, I just had to check for information on it. One of the lead writers said at Comic Con that the next season would be a return to the roots with the human and vampire relations. This is a sigh of relief. Because, honestly the show isn’t good at handling the other stuff. I haven’t figured out if season seven will be the last.

Any thoughts on that? Alexander Skarsgard seems to be the only one getting work otherwise. He seems to genuinely enjoy working on the show as does Kristen Bauer. But I feel like the show is running out of avenues to go down since when you think about everything that has happened, it was a fire sale. 


What Lies Ahead

Here is the trailer from Comic Con. I’ve been keeping an eye on all the True Blood stuff there and I will probably do a run down of everything. For now there is this. Personally, I don’t think there is spoilers. Just a whole lot of WHAT THE EFF.
Though it would see the show is teasing at setting up Sookie and Ben. Which is so not cool.

At Last Sookie Has a Brain

So this last episode threw me because it seemed like the out of characterness came to a weird mix and then everything was disjointed. 

Eric would never turn someone out of spite. He thinks about it because he know Godric didn’t just turn him on a whim. And he’s carried that with him, taking him time to see if Pam would be suited to be a vamper. Eric sees how being a vampire is an honor of sorts and looks down on those who aren’t respectful of what it all means.

And in turn, remember in the early seasons when Pam seemed independent of Eric and they were more equal? Instead she’s been written into a circle of whining over Eric and being so attached to him. Tara and Pam have so much potential but they’re just stuck in neutral. 

Though Sookie finding it in her to thinking through something is even curious since she routinely pushes logic choices aside. Remember all those times she couldn’t hear others thoughts and it turned out to be suspect people? SHE ACTUALLY REMEMBERED THAT.

But there have been places the show has been consistent. The show brought back the guy in the truck stop from the very first episode. Sookie wore the lingerie for Warlow that she had on in her fantasy of banging Bill and Eric.

However Bill’s list of failures is just comical at this point. From lighting his damn self on fire to leaving Jessica to watch a bunch of fairies. It just echoes his decades of bad decisions. Seriously though. He left a still baby vamp basically whom he has guided very little to tend to four pure fairies. It’s like Bill locked a recovering addict in a room with some heroin and told them to have fun.

Idk even know where to start with Jason’s gay panic.