Sunday Bloody Sunday

Out of habit I went to turn on True Blood but then I remembered it is done.

I think I can be ok with how the series ended. I feel like the writers realized last season was such a mess, they tried their best to resuscitate the parts that made us fall in love with it. When the show began it was charmingly weird and quickly became an exercise in “am I really watching this?”

Considering the source material, I’m impressed they got a show off the ground and it lasted as long as it did. For a while it was borrowing heavily and then completely tossing the books out the window. For better or worse, I rolled with it. I think I kept coming back for everyone else. I wasn’t there for Sookie and Bill. But I was there for Tara, Lafayette, Sam, Jessica, Hoyt, Pam, Eric even Andy. I was impressed with actors because a lot of time we were wondering “what is the plot

I’m glad for all the hours True Blood gave me to detach from my life and problems for a bit.

Bill’s farewell tour was dragged out far too long and I think we ended up shortchanging the closure for the other characters. I’m still torn closing out on a wedding but I think the writers realized what a terrible idea it was to get rid of Hoyt and the show needed him and his heart. Maybe at the end of the day, the show was about your great loves. Sookie was always going to choose Bill because she wanted to believe in the one and only great love. Eric and Pam have a deeply romantic friendship and closed out the series in a way only they could. You felt hopeful for their future. Sookie Stackhouse was just a blip in all their fantastic adventures.

True Blood pulled out the stops and sent us off with Thank You by Led Zeppelin which was perhaps the most fitting choice. We forgot about all the choas and the break down of civilization bits and remembered when the show was about just the different people interacting over the years. It was a cliche ending and they did their best to wrap it all up. Even if it felt like they didn’t have enough ribbon and wrapping paper to get the job done. And that’s what the show was, blood and guts there was heart.

Thanks for joining us on this long strange journey. You can always find me on twitter @wraparoundcurl. I have a lot of feelings about Sleepy Hollow and Broad City.


1 Response to “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

  1. September 2, 2014 at 9:41 am

    out of habit I went to the computer this morning to write a recap but then I remembered it was done

    This was a lovely tribute wrap! / sniff

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