s7ep10 (series finale!) recap – thank you and goodbye


Helloooooooo TB’ers! For one last time, spoilers after the jump…

Well this is it. Did TB pull one last rabbit out of its hat and give us a finale for the ages? I doubt it! Let’s find out and do this thing.

The iPhone recap

Previously all of last ep
Bill feeling nostalgia and bullshitting feeling human bla bla philosophy children death yada yada help fae ultimate kindness
Awesome sexy freaky credits I’ll miss you most
Eric frees Sarah with Pam’s blood in her
Goodbye Mr. Gus junior
Eric killin yakuza. Sookie saved dammit
Sarah wants to be lesbo vamp. Pam just drinks her blood
Bill wants to walk Jessica down the aisle
Gran! Sookie Tara flashbacks ugh
Everyone dressed nice for the wedding
Nice best man speech
Sookie can read bill?
Andy the best wedding officiant. Mazel tov!
Sookie recapping the 7 seasons to the reverend
Sookie gonna kill bill. Kill Bill!
Goodbye kiss. Goodbye show. Glowy fae light. Sookie speech bill you’re a part of me bla bla. Wimps out for glow light. Gonna stake him. BOOM! Goodbye bill. Goodbye show
Eric and Pam postscript commercial for New Blood. Stock exchange.
Sookie pregnant with mystery baby
Jason dad with Bridget
Sarah in dungeon
Zep! Thank you
Big dinner
End credits

Tru Blulz

“If it makes you feel any better I’m pretty sure this ceremony ain’t exactly legal” – Jason

“Please be seated” – Andy

Sexxxytime Screencap(s)

Nary a sexxxytime in the finale, so let’s re-live some classic sexxxytime moments of TB.

361anna-paquin-nakedtrue blood jason eric gif2JessicaMeAndTheDevil

You were the only two that mattered

This show was originally about Sookie and Bill. In the end it was too l guess. But by the end, Eric and Pam were the only two I cared about. Happy for the way they ended at least.


Grade(s): Episode: D. Season: F. Series: B-. I was all ready to give this finale an F, I swear! I really wanted to. 40 minutes of a wedding story? Kill me with a stake. But then they went and did 2 good things, actually going ahead and killing Bill, and getting a Led Zeppelin song to play over the end, which included some Pam and Eric awesomeness. Are Page and Plant going broke? Anyway, those things, and I guess Andy as wedding officiant, saved this from an F. Now, I still don’t understand why Bill wanted to die. If he wanted to be with his family, he should have offed himself centuries ago. Why did curable Hep V change that? And who the hell is Sookie’s love now? I understand the symbolism, she’s moved on, bla bla, but throw me a bone here writers. I guess the relative happy endings for everyone was nice, but I was really hoping for some big surprise, some big something, and I got a dinner party on the lawn. As for the season, well, we can forget it ever happened, because it was totally useless.

As for the series, it’s probably too early to judge it as a whole, we should let our thoughts linger and carefully consider our opinions. HA! Not on these here internets. All in all, the series was, uh, fine I guess. I will certainly remember it as the witty fun and sexy vamp summertime romp it was at its best. I am not sure the crappiness of the later seasons takes away from that. It diminishes it, certainly, but there was a time when we all loved this show. I’ll try to hang on to that. B- sounds about right.

And on that note, well, goodbye! I’m kinda sad! I’ll miss snarking, and I’ll miss you guys. Thanks to the readers. Thanks to the commentors, especially bea and steve who stuck it out with us to the end. And thanks to Wrap for being my awesome partner in crime for this whole wacky ride. Whose stupid idea was this?


3 Responses to “s7ep10 (series finale!) recap – thank you and goodbye”

  1. 1 steve
    August 25, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    Can you believe I jumped the gun by a week. Talk about off target and failure to communicate. This renders my last week thoughts kinda meaningless. Thats something I do not do with ease, so after I watch this I will do my do diligence and say No MAS, No Mas Allan Ball, you can manipulate me all day long and just do not forget
    to hook up the IV.

  2. 2 bea.habs.fan
    August 26, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    I kept on hoping Bill woul dblow during the wedding. i kept of visualizing these perfect BANG moments where everyone ended up covered in blood. So I am disappointed.
    plus if it was that easy for eric to kill the yakuza why the hell did he wait so long? and how the hell can a full-fledge yakuza daddy (Gus sr.) not come bring the samurai down on eric and Pam for taking the New Blood idea over. seriously, these are fake wimpy yakuzas not worthy of the name.
    second if the last scene is 3 years later, how does jason physically have 3 kids with Bridget when the oldest obne looks way older han the eventually possible 2. maybe he was sufficiently turned into a werepanther (season 2, 3? – it all kind of meshes together) to affect the gestation of his children OTHERWISE IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. I know the guy is like a rabbit when he comes to sex but come on …..
    Am i disatisfied? you betcha did I find this epi boring (oh dear god yes, which I was I kept on hoping for exploding Bill at the wedding). the whole epi was one giant BLA BLA BLA.
    but I will miss the recap, all our snarky comments and will be doomed wandering ghostly thru the internet desperately looking for the fantastic company i found here (SNIF)

    • August 26, 2014 at 9:18 pm

      Jason’s oldest kid was at least 5 years old.
      The Yakuza were a joke
      Dissatisfaction is a perfectly normal response

      /sniff sniff

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