s7ep9 recap – get over yourself bill


Buongiorno, TB’ers! Spoilers (well not really, not much happened) after the jump…

So the other day I was watching a Law & Order rerun as by now you know I am wont to do. Actually, this was Law & Order: SVU. [Side note: my L&O rankings are: L&O Classic (Chris Noth years), Criminal Intent, SVU, L&O Classic later seasons]. So the actress who plays Arlene in TB (Carrie Preston) had a role as the wife of a (SPOILER) rapist. She was amazing in the role. She is an amazing actress (side note – as is her husband, Ben Linus from Lost). Point is, I am thrilled that soon she will be released from this show to do better things. OK let’s do it!

The iPhone recap

No previously?
Bill accepts his fate I’m choosing true death slap slap bill releases Jessica
Awesome sexy freaky credits
Sam’s gone sookie note
Hoyt Bridget fighting Jessica
Arlene Keith sookie vampire love bill bla bla
Bill Eric sookie I want to set her free bla bla
Hoyt punch Jason
Pam hair dye Newme whorehouse speech
Hoyt Jess helloooo
Bridget Jason not having sex
Eric flying. Ginger! Throne helloooo. Quick!
Pam chained yakuza want to kill sookie join the club
Bill visit sookie
End credits

Tru Blulz

“Cry on my jacket, you’re paying for it sweetheart” – Pam

“Dear Sheriff Bellefleur, I resign. Sam Merlotte” (in a note – this cracked me up for some reason)

Sexxxytime Screencap(s)

WOW! After nothing last week, we’ve got one last look (I presume) at some Jessica sideboob, and some long-awaited fan-service. Yes it was fan-service-y, but it was still great I thought.


Number of eps remaining fun fact of the week

This week’s number is 1. One! Can you fucking believe that? Number one is the ranking of the internet commentors and readers I put the TBH crew at. As in the phrase “True Blood… or Hockey? has the number one commentariat on the internet”. I will miss you guys.

Grade: C-. For about 45 minutes I was ready to give this ep a D—- or something like that, saving the F for the finale. What a tedious and terrible 3/4 of an hour of television. Nothing was going on (seriously, is there any plot left?), Bill is being an ass, I really didn’t care about the soap opera of who was ending up with who, etc., etc. Even a Bill-Eric scene was pretty boring and stupid (though Eric’s quote in this post’s title was good). I mean really Bill, you’re dying for Sookie? Of all the stupid things in this season, that may be the stupidest. But then in the space of 10 minutes I got two sex scenes, one of which was hilarious, Pam being Pam, Eric flying, and then the hint of the possibility that the Yakuza may kill Soookie in the finale. This possibility got me SO excited I can’t even tell you. There’s no way it’s gonna happen of course; Bill will save her somehow and somehow also get cured at the same time, so fuck off show. But for 10 minutes I was sort of happy.


4 Responses to “s7ep9 recap – get over yourself bill”

  1. 1 bea.habs.fan
    August 18, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    I’m not sure what happened toget Pam tied up but it felt to deja-vu. I think Pam is better than getting caught off guard AGAIN. so since they don’t have a valid reason they don’t give us any explanation. plus the Eric has to choose between 2 loves is also re-run of a couple of epis ago. they have been seriously short of originality this season BUT this is beyond pathetic.
    The only part worth anything was Ginger’s sex scene (I also fell off my chair in hilarity). gotta love that girl.
    note to the wise: if you haven’t watche dthe epi, 29’s spoilers are not really spoilers as they make no sense. no offense 29 but they barely make sense even if one has not fallen asleep during it.

  2. 3 steve
    August 18, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    Five years plus in the making and almost a month of work time to watch. In the end the only word I caught was nihilism. I think Eric or Bill said it as an explanation. Open ended series endings work for the Sopranos but for lesser shit lets just have some closure. After all this we are asked to use our imagination to find what happened to the principle characters, what is Allen Ball now working for Stephen Harper, and delivering?

    Thanks again to 29 and wrap around in retrospect for making this series something.

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