Well, I’m horrifically behind in covering what I had planned on for the recapsssss I owe. But hey, I’m half drunk right now and figured now is a good time to stop and collect my thoughts as we near the end on this show that has united us.

Y’know, I’ve frequently threatened since about season four screamed and wailed that I was done with this show and listed of reasons. I’ve cited acting and plot issues and all around inconsistencies but I could never quit.

My fault is my loyalty.

At the end of the day, I have immensely cherish what this show has given me on a weekly basis – a chance for me to check on from whatever shitshow of a circus is going on in my life, to become overly involved and invested in the residents of Bon Temps. On top of that, I just love all the people I have talked with over the years about the show. HF29, you’re a gem and should be put on a platinum band. 

But I have felt like the writers are trying to chip away and salvage the gems that made us fall in love with and stick with this slog of a series. Mainly, it has been the supporting cast that we have clung to. 

I’ve always adored the dynamic that Pam and Eric have and I think it is fantastic they have such a deep friendship that has endured all. I just have always hung on because of the depths of their journey in their relationship the show has only scratched the surface on. Even in the video shop where Pam was miserable with her life, she still had Eric. And I think it says a lot about Eric and the kinds of women he likes to not only keep in his life but help to succeed. He saw something in Ginger aside from her fangirl side. He knew Pam had more to her. I’ve just loved how he doesn’t just take women on his journey – he wants them to best him.

I really do hope Lafayette gets the happiness he deserves as he’s sacrificed so much of himself and put others before his own needs. It was immensely hurtful to me that Jessica’s boyfriend was written off as confused instead of bisexual. I always hoped this show wouldn’t resort to erasure of identity of people like me. But I dunno, we have a few episodes left for redemption on that. Either way, I want Laf’ to ride off into the moonlight with his hottie boytoy, hopefully in the sports car that Eric gifted him for one dollar a few seasons ago. 

I’m sure when this is all over I will have nostalgia that I no longer have True Blood to groan about. But hey, it’s been real. Thanks to those who have read my rambles about this silly show with vampires and a telepath.

Note to self: leave post as is, regardless of sobriety state in 12 hours.


1 Response to “Cheers”

  1. August 2, 2014 at 8:15 am

    These drunken ramblings are surprisingly lucid and intelligent! Though it should be “vampires and a fairy telepath”

    I love you too wrap, you’re the bees knees

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