s7ep6 recap – the cure is worse than the disease


Shalom TB’ers! Cure all that ails you with spoilers after the jump…

So I was watching a Law & Order rerun the other day as I am wont to do. There was this character who really looked she was played by the actress who plays Holly. I hit up IMDB to see if I was right (I was wrong). I did learn two interesting facts about her though. Fact 1 – she played a waitress in 9 episodes of Seinfeld. I was like, oh yeah, I remember her! Fact 2 – she is Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ half-sister. I am guessing Fact 2 helps explain Fact 1.

I am pretty sure that IMDB story was more interesting than this ep. Let’s do it.

The iPhone recap

Previously the whole last ep
Eric fuzzy. Yakuza fight! Pam caught. Our first sunrise together
Awesome sexy freaky credits
Jess and Bill nice
Lettie Mae ugh James Laf blood ugh. Tara cross ugh. Digging ugh ugh
Jason BJ violet
Take a number bill
Yakinomo corporation tru blood bankrupt. Sarah Newlin kill. Deal!
Sarah hoodie. sister sick. Blood.
Jess get sookie Jason. Angry Violet
Andy interrupt Adilyn sex.
Sam Nicole going home this town is fucking crazy
Sookie exposed get tested Bill progressing quick
Vamp lawyer office
Andy Holly Arlene. Shut your pie holes love each other
Evil Bill lawyer no glamor stab!
Andy Holly parenting
Sarah created hep v antidote Sarah drank it cure
Sookie positive gave it to Bill
Violet Adilyn Wade uh oh
Bill sick quick everyone crying
End credits

Tru Blulz

“Bill… was a bona fide vampire god six months ago” – Jason

Sexxxytime screencap(s)

She may be a crazy vengeful murderous vampire, but she looks good in lingerie.


Srsly? For realz?


What say you wrap?

I think wrap is uniquely qualified to judge this new hair.


Number of eps remaining fun fact of the week

This week’s number is 4. 4 is the number of glasses of wine that Jews are forced to drink at a Passover seder. It is the last tenet of Judaism your Atheist Jew reviewer actually follows.

Grade: C+. Meh. There was some good stuff here I guess. I very much enjoy watching lawyers die, and I found all of Bill’s adventures in law kind of amusing. The opening Eric action sequence was off the charts good. Mr. Gus Jr. of the Yakonomo Corporation makes an excellent third to Eric and Pam. I kind of enjoyed Andy and Holly’s forays into parenting their fucking step-children, because Andy is awesome. But this episode was just slow (after the opening). And I am really getting too much of a stumbling toward the finish line vibe. So Sarah is the cure? My that is convenient! Oh look, Bill has super hep V! Because there are only 4 episodes left! And Sookie gave it to him? Duh. No matter how hot Violet is, her kidnapping revenge plan (or whatever it is) is not hot. Oh look, a random scene with Nicole announcing she’s leaving! Because the town is too weird and crazy. It’s not like she came to Bon Temps in the first place to help supernaturals or anything. And JESUS FUCKING CHRIST LETTIE MAE and her Tara visions. And now she’s dragging Laf down the rabbit hole with her to go digging in a yard? Sigh. Something really fucking good better be buried there. I am caring less and less about who will live and who will die in this show. That’s not a good sign.


7 Responses to “s7ep6 recap – the cure is worse than the disease”

  1. 1 steve
    July 29, 2014 at 11:49 am

    It might have got to a B if Letty Mae and Tara had been left out. This show is not powering to the true death its powering down to the end. Maybe true blood should have been the Pam and Eric show.

  2. 3 bea.habs.fan
    July 29, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    oy 29. what a booooring epi. agree with dead lawyer (aren’t u one though?).
    I figure the cure is a permanent lose your vampirism and never can you get it back thing. Last epi will be all our main vamp characters dying of old age (like us as it drags itself to the end).
    that’s it – I realize there is nothing else worth mentioning.

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